My Experience With Embarrassment

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Writing this blog has helped me realize how incredible today’s technology really is. People can connect so easily with others now just by reading something someone else wrote on the internet. I thoroughly enjoyed learning how to use Storify. I did not know about that site and it is genius! Now, I am aware that my embarrassing stories are only somewhat embarrassing. Therefore, I think I should just start recording throughout most of my day. Embarrassing moments happen constantly; a camera is just not always there to see it. I also have to admit that creating this blog will help me in my future career because if asked to use one of the tools such as Flickr or Storify I will know how to. This blogging experience was a treat to have!


Picture Perfect Embarrassment


I started my day going to a Kenny Chesney concert but quickly decided to not go since I was EMBARRASSINGLY much taller than the other girls I was going with. So then I decided to go to a hippy party where I wore a silly headband EMBARRASSINGLY placed in the middle of my forehead. I took my silly headband off and saw a giant dog. I had to take a picture with him! Unfortunately he wouldn’t smile with me. After the hippy party I went to a dress up party where I was  loofa and took a picture with a beautiful butterfly. It was pretty EMBARRASSING because everyone else’s costumes were much cooler than mine. Also, every seemed to have a date but me. (How EMBARRASSING) Therefore, I chose to go to a paint party and EMBARRASS myself with so many colors all over me. Since I was so EMBARRASSED I put on a weird sweater to cover myself. In my weird sweater my friend found a snake! To make me feel better about my crazy day my friend took a lot of EMBARRASSING photos of herself. Enjoy!

If you want to make your own picture slide show go to Flickr!

On a Serious Note

I am aware that my blog seems to be on the silly side but I wanted to share my thoughts on those embarrassing times in life that break your heart.  We have all been through heart breaks that we constantly think back to what we could have done differently. In the end we are just simply embarrassed by how crazy we acted or what we did not do.  I want to let you know that you should never be embarrassed by how you feel. Your feelings are yours to feel and you should never be embarrassed by that. Those feelings are there to make sure you grow wiser and learn from whatever situation you are going through. Being embarrassed by them will not make you feel better or worse. Being embarrassed does absolutely nothing for you. Dr. Phil gives some advice on how to deal with heartbreak and not embarrassing yourself with your actions.

Help Me, I’m Embarrassed!


In need of some uplifting stories? Visit my Storify to look at funny photos, watch kids get embarrassed by their fathers, watch politicians make fools out of themselves, or to listen to listen to “Everything Is Embarrassing”. You can also make your own story. It’s fun, I promise!

Tackle Me Silly

Everyone knows the game of Charades.  Some take this game too seriously like my mom.  We were at a friends house all playing and my mom asked me to help her act out her charade with her.  She did not tell me what it was.  She simply told me to just stand a few feet away from her.  If I had known what she was scheming I would not have done so.  She starts charging for me all of a sudden.  Now please imaging a big booty lady charging at you.  That is humor right there!  In an instant I am on the ground with her on top of me.  She had tackled me!  We are both laughing so hard until I feel something warm… and wet.  I had laughed so hard I peed myself.  Thanks Mom!pee

How to Deal with an Embarrassing Moment

We have all had plenty embarrassing moments, but not all of us know how to deal with them.  I am here to help!  These methods have kept me sane throughout the years.  I hope they can help you, too.


1. Just run away.

2. Pee your pants. (Because what’s more embarrassing than that?!)

3. Stand there until someone laughs or says something.

4. Make a joke about how embarrassed you are.

5. Beg whomever you are with to never speak of the incident that just occurred.


I hope these come of help to you in your most embarrassing moments!

Tears of Whataburger

Mason played serious football in high school but did not have the healthy diet to match.  His doctor informed him that he could not eat Whataburger for a whole month.  Imaging eating Whataburger everyday then one day you were not allowed to anymore.  He was completely heartbroken.  Finally, a month had passed and Mason’s friend took him to Whataburger.  Mason ordered two double meat cheeseburgers.  He took a giant bite out of the heavenly masterpiece and tears started creeping out of his eyes.  Complete tears of joy!  How embarrassing…whataburger

Trampoline Splat!

Have you ever done something so embarrassing that you wish someone had been there to find joy out of your embarrassment?  Well Kayla has, for sure.  At age 15 (which makes this story even more embarrassing) was practicing her front hand spring on the trampoline, just like she did every day.  On this particular day, Kayla got a little more oomf in her bounce than usual and found herself splat on the wooken fence.  No serious injuries except a few splinter in her forehead.  Please just imagine with me a 15 year old girl spead out, stuck on a wooden fence.  I cannot stop laughing!

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